postheadericon Out of This World Vacation with My Friends!

So, we were stressing out. We were just flying into Toronto, and we had never been there before. We had nothing on the agenda other than getting off the plane and finding a ride to our hotel so we could check in. Upon getting off the plane and seeing the mass of people, we completely blanked. My friend’s anxiety started coming on full force and she had a panic attack right there on the sidewalk outside of the airport. We needed a party bus toronto limo, anything to get us out of there. It was honestly the best time to do this, sarcasm noted here.

To our surprise we were on the plane that day with Lil Wayne, a famous rapper from the United States. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon The Best Bachelor Party Ever

Every best man knows that the bachelor party is his responsibility and it has to be a monumental experience. Getting all the right people together at the right time and figuring out the best places to go can be a chore as well trying to make it convenient for everyone at the same time. The solution is actually much easier than you might think; bachelor party bus rental. Have the back helor party in style in a fully appointed party bus that will make for the perfect evening partying it up with your guests.

You can have the party bus pick everyone up in one central location and drop them back off at that location at the end of the night or you could even have the party bus pick everyone up directly from their home. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon I Worked Hard to Get to Prom in Style

I reminded my mom that senior prom was coming up. My mom does not make a lot of money, so I knew that I could not bug her for extra money. But I said that I had been looking at the rates that charges for limousine service and they are very reasonable. I told her that I was hoping that she would let me go to prom if I saved all my money from my part-time job. She said yes, of course, and I started saving immediately. Mom said that she would save what she could as well to help me to get a really nice tux and flowers for my date.

I was in school, so I could not get a full time job. But I did all that I could when I wasn’t studying to make extra money. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Getting Your Gold Coast Vacation All Set Up

If you have decided that a Gold Coast vacation is what you are going to do with your all that change that you have been packing away, you need to start planning. The secret to a successful holiday is all in the planning. You take one thing at a time and take care if it carefully. It will guarantee that your cost stays down when you plan ahead. You need to get a place or places to stay, take care of your flight, and reserve a car to rent.

Start with your airfare, since this is normally the biggest expense that you will incur when traveling to the Gold Coast. Check out what airlines fly into Brisbane online and then contact those airlines for the best possible rates. If you have frequent flyer miles or such with a particular airline, then start by checking with them first, as this could save you additional money. Try to be flexible with the dates of travel as this will allow you get the best possible rate. Compare several before making your reservation.

You will find out a lot about accommodations by looking online. You can stick with the big chain hotels if you are unsure about others. It is hard to know which is best when you don’t know a place very well. You can also look at some reviews by people who have stayed in other privately owned hotels to see what they have to stay.

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postheadericon Holiday Parks a great option

A holiday park is an ideal option for a family friendly accommodation. Holiday parks have been around for many years and are an extremely popular option for just about everyone. The great thing about holiday parks is that they are located on spectacular spots that have scenic views and lots of attractions to see. Also, good holiday parks will include several activities and facilities on site for travellers.

Where are Holiday Parks situated in UK?
Holiday parks are located all across the UK, in convenient locations that are suitable stopping points for camping groups, caravans, RVs, and so on. They are usually located next to the coast so the beach is usually a stones throw away. This expands the number of activities from swimming, surfing and going for walks on the beach. Common holiday park sites in UK include Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Somerset, Sussex and Kent, Norfolk and Essex, South and North Wales, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, Blackpool and the lakes, Northumberland and Scotland.

What are the perks of staying in a Holiday Park?
Staying at a holiday park in UK is extremely affordable and very eco friendly too. Whether you stay in a private unit, a lodge, or the campsites, the prices are very reasonable and suited for all types of travellers and budgets. It is much cheaper to stay here than at expensive hotels. Also, there is much more flexibility here you can do whatever you want to do, like eating at any time of the day. What is also unique about these holidays is the fact that dogs are allowed in certain parks. This way, you can also bring your dog along on your family holiday. Also, there are special mobility needs for those in wheelchairs in certain parks. Facilities such as bars and restaurants are also either on site or within walking distance.

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postheadericon For Excellent Training In Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism is the fastest growing industry in the world. In India too tourism business is growing with more airlines operating flights within the country and more international carriers operating into India. Growth in travel & tourism leads to development of infrastructure such as roads, hotels and transport facilities and it results in all round economic growth of the country.

A growing industry also needs trained staff to handle the increase volume of traffic. Akbar Academy was established in the year 2003 by Akbar Travels of India, Indias No.1 Travel Company, to meet the growing demand for trained personnel in the tourism and travel industry. There is a great demand for Airline courses and tourism training. There are 12 Academy Centers around India, offering a wide variety of IATA-UFTAA courses and short term diploma courses to suit the students requirement. The courses train the students and work in all segments of the industry such as Airlines, CRS systems, Travel Agencies, Airports, Tour Operators
IATA Courses

International Air Transport Association has developed courses in many levels to train the students in travel & tourism. Akbar Academy is an award winning IATA Training centre offering various courses. The IATA-UFTAA Foundation course is the 1st course in this ladder. After completing this course, the student can prepare for the 2nd course IATA-UFTAA Consultant course. IATA GDS Ticketing course is another of the IATA travel course. Most of Akbar Academy Centers include these courses in their curriculum. The IATA Diploma course is internationally recognized and students seeking employment abroad prefer this course.

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